Altar Space


There’s very little on my “altar,” if you can call it that, or even in my sacred space. This is the top of a bookshelf in a window. There’s a Green Man statuary hanging on the wall on the other side of the room.

The plant is an orchid gifted by a friend. My dear kitty friend has twice now decided it needed un-potting, or perhaps that it was unhappy sitting in our main room, so this week I repotted it again (third time’s a charm?) and gave it some love in hopes that maybe it will bloom again before we move and I give it away (transoceanic journeys are not for most plants).

The bowl is a hand carved thing I picked up at a arts festival in Floyd, VA, with a friend about 4 years ago. I use it for anything and everything regarding energy work. Plants, incense, crystals.

The crystals in the bowl are literally all the ones I own, with the exception of the tumbled amethyst I wear around my neck. This includes the pieces of a couple that I’ve broken. I suppose I should take that as a sign that they’ve finished their work with me, but I was devastated when these particular ones broke, I kept the largest pieces. I’ve since taken them out of the bowl, but they’re sitting next to the orchid still.

The framed quote is from Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki movement. I’ve had this out in my book room ever since I received my Reiki level I and II attunements, but I haven’t practiced much in the last 3 years. I really want to get back into it, both meditating and using it for myself and sharing it with others.

About Liz

Just a girl with a book obsession, a caffeine problem, and an adrenaline addiction. I read mostly fiction of the YA, fantasy, mystery, or historical variety - usually some combination of those. ;) I live in Virginia with my husband, our orange tabby cat, two beloved dogs, and an ever-growing collection of books. I also love to travel, be outdoors whenever possible, write snail-mail letters, and create fiber art. In my life outside of books, I'm a medic with a B.A. in English pursing my second bachelor's in biology. I also have a garden blog, and one for my endeavors in the world of Lord of the Rings Online. :)
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2 Responses to Altar Space

  1. Fny says:

    I’ve always been curious of Reiki, but I get automatically suspicious when learning or getting initiated involves paying lots of money. But your experiences with it has been good? Worth it?

    • Lizzy says:

      I was suspicious too. But I really felt the pull in my gut that just told me it was right for me to go. *I* personally think it’s a beautiful energy therapy, and it really benefits me when I use it. My pets like it, and my friends that have allowed me to use it on them have all enjoyed it. Usually it calms anxiety and relieves some pain. I would never recommend SOLELY using it for treatment of medical issues but I think it can definitely be a good addition to and possibly relieve so much dependence on the modern medical monster (and I work in the medical field, so I’m allowed to say that – haha). For me the best benefit is probably the clarity of thought it brings me, as well as the ability to create a sort of positivity bubble for myself during meditation. I’m sure there are other ways to form a psychic sort of shield like that, but I never understood it until I started using reiki and could actually FEEL the energy.

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